Our Leadership Team

Lead Pastors

Bishop (Dr.) Nicholas Obiero Oloo

Rev. (Dr.) Nicholas Obiero Oloo, known affectionately as Pastor Nick, is the Founder and Lead Pastor/Overseer of Truevine International Inc. He is happily married to Anita Mmbone Oloo, and they reside in the Puyallup suburb of Seattle, Washington State, USA. Born and raised in Kenya, Pastor Nick completed his early education before pursuing further studies in India, obtaining several University degrees, including Bcom, Bsc, BSW, MFT, Mmin, and DDiv.

A devoted Christian for over 40 years, Pastor Nick embraced Jesus Christ as his personal Savior. With a passion for serving God, he has been a Pastor for over 26 years, with more than 30 years of ministry experience. Pastor Nick has successfully planted churches in both India and the USA, extending his leadership to multiple nations worldwide. His spiritual gifts include evangelism, teaching, and the prophetic, contributing to the continual elevation of Truevine International Inc. His vision for the online ministry is ambitious:

– Have a thousand believers joining the online services regularly by the end of 2023.

– Establish a vibrant church serving as a springboard to nations.

– Attain a “footprint” or representation in every nation, if not every continent, for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

In addition to his ministry responsibilities, Pastor Nick serves as a social worker and nurse for the Federal Government of the United States. During his leisure time, he enjoys playing the guitar, singing, and exploring local and international destinations.

Pastor Anita Oloo

Anita Oloo is a dedicated born-again Christian, wife, and mother who embraced Jesus Christ as her personal savior during high school. Engaging in ministry and Christian leadership for many years, Anita’s involvement began during her student years in India, where she served as an Overseer in Madurai Christian Student Fellowship. Her commitment extends to serving as a children’s minister in a children’s home and assisting widows.

Completing her early education in Kenya, Anita pursued further studies in India before returning to Kenya for work. In 2017, Anita met and married her husband, Rev (Dr.) Nicholas Oloo, and four years later, they relocated to Washington State. Currently, Pastor Anita is actively involved in Truevine International Online ministry, serving as a Pastor and heading Prayer and Intercessory.

The lead Pastors aspire to initiate an in-person church in Puyallup, Seattle, Washington, and trust God for further expansion into Nairobi and other countries represented in the Online Church Fellowship.

Anita, a nurse by profession, seeks to build a team of prayer warriors in Washington State and globally. Her passion extends to supporting widows in Sangrur, India, and she currently sponsors a children’s home in Nairobi, Kenya.

Through challenging life experiences, Anita’s faith has been strengthened, and she anticipates God’s continued work in her life and the lives of those she serves. Her desire is to witness people saved and delivered from sin, preaching the gospel in her assigned city of Washington and to the ends of the earth. She delights in seeing God minister healing and restoration to His people and finds joy in traveling and marveling at God’s creation.

Our Leadership Team

Pastor Caroline Marthia

The pandemic confined us to our homes, making physical church attendance a luxury. God guided my steps to this virtual sanctuary, which has since become my happy place—a space where the Lord has granted me the privilege of serving, learning, and growing. Here, iron sharpens iron, and I’ve formed valuable friendships from across the globe. Through this ministry, I’ve discovered God’s provision, guidance, care, and enduring presence in my life.

I stand in awe of God. It is a privilege to steward my gifts, currently serving as a Pastor and the ministry Treasurer at Truevine International for God’s glory. I love the Lord as my personal Savior, am a wife, and a mother of three amazing children—a young adult lady, a teenage girl, and a young son. My passion lies in supporting youth, children, and the disadvantaged in society, bringing joy to people’s faces. I preach Christ as I impact souls and juggle my roles with being an IT professional who loves learning, traveling, and cooking.

Pastor Joyce Ndungwa

Joyce is a born-again Christian who accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and Lord during high school about 25 years ago. She is married and blessed with three children, residing in Athiriver with her family. Joyce holds a BCom degree from the University of Pune in India and an MSc from Strathmore University in Kenya, complemented by leadership training. As an ICT Professional, she has continually served God in various capacities, including intercession, missions, praise and worship, and evangelism.

An ordained Pastor with Truevine International Inc., Joyce serves as the Ministry Secretary and in the intercessory department. She is passionate about missions, children’s and mercy ministries, and is actively involved in youth mentorship. Joyce desires to see people saved, delivered, and the gospel preached to the uttermost parts of the earth, aligning with the great commission in Matthew 28:18-20. She enjoys various sports, singing, playing musical instruments, and traveling.

Pastor Sonia Pankaj

Pastor Sonia Pankaj’s journey is a testament to God’s miraculous interventions. Born dead and left in the labor room, her mother’s prayers brought her back to life. Despite facing learning difficulties (dyslexia), her mother’s dedicated nighttime teaching enabled her to excel in her studies, including earning a Master’s degree. Her life has been marked by miracles, from her marriage to the birth of her children, Ashish and Anmol.

Accepting Jesus in 1995 while in Bible College, Pastor Sonia’s desire is to plant more churches in cities and villages in India. After the loss of her husband, Pastor Pankaj, in 2022, she continues to serve as a Pastor in the church they planted in Raidharana, praying to cover surrounding villages and establish cell churches. Her children, Ashish and Anmol, serve alongside her, with Ashish having a calling in music ministry.

Reverend Susan Malcolm