Outreach and Missions

At Truevine International, our commitment to outreach and missions is woven into the very fabric of our identity. We extend our arms globally, touching lives, spreading love, and sharing the transformative message of Christ. Here’s a glimpse into our outreach endeavors

Branch Churches

Kampala, Uganda

A vibrant community dedicated to spreading the light of Christ.

Bukonzo, Uganda

Truevine International reaches the Bukonzo region, making an impact.

Punjab, India

In the beautiful land of Punjab, our family grows, sharing the love of Christ.

New Delhi, India

Our presence in New Delhi is marked by a commitment to worship and service.

Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is home to a thriving TVI Family Worship Centre, full of worship and community.

Laikipia, Kenya

Laikipia is a  place where lives are touched, and communities are transformed.

Samburu, Kenya

Samburu hosts a community dedicated to living out the message of hope, love, and faith.